Restaurants near the conference site

The conference is held directly in the center of the Old Town, in the vicinity of Old Town Square. There are plenty of restaurants around the area. To help you save time during the first days of the conference, we have prepared a short list of various places where you can go for a lunch.

It is customary for city center restaurants to offer a special lunch menu for a reduced price. The menu is only available during midday hours and there is a restricted selection of meals but you get your food for a very reasonable price.

Not so expensive restaurants

Einstein Ristorante, Celetná 27/ Templová 1

lunch menu: CZK 90-110; meals: CZK 120-170; 40 seats
A small, cozy restaurant and a pizzeria.

U dvou koček, Uhelný trh 415/10

lunch menu: CZK 75-100; meals: CZK 100-120; 100 seats
Traditional Czech food and Pilsner beer.

U Vejvodů, Jilská 353/4

lunch menu for academicians: CZK 60-80 ; meals: CZK 130-20; 300 seats
A traditional Czech restaurant with Pilsner beer.

U provaznice, Provaznická 3

lunch menu: CZK 90-140; meals: CZK 150-180
Old Prague restaurant U rope near the metro station Mustek ("A"), a short walk from Wenceslas Square. Home Czech cuisine, draft beer a poem, nice atmosphere, lots of friends!

Pizza Coloseum, Palace Myslbek, Ovocný Trh 8

lunch menu: CZK 105-135; meals: CZK 130-200
A pizzeria just opposite the entrance to Carolinum. Also take-away pizzas.

Va Bene, Malá Štupartská 5/636 (Ungelt)

meals: CZK 130-360; 150 seats
A stylish Italian restaurant with a wide choice of salads, pizza, pasta, steaks, and home-made desserts. Free wi-fi.

Tlustá Koala, Senovážná 8

lunch menu: CZK 85-135; meals: CZK 120-200; 80 seats
A cozy restaurant built in the Victorian style with a wide offer of foreign and traditional Czech meals and various kinds of beer.

Vysmátý zajíc, Michalská 493/13

lunch menu: CZK 100-120; meals: CZK 110-160; 80 seats
A stylish restaurant with a wide offer of traditional Czech and foreign meals; steaks.

Maitrea (vegetarian), Týnská ulička 1064/6

lunch menu: CZK 108; meals: CZK 130-160; 130 seats (booking recommended!)
A stylish and highly rated vegetarian restaurant with very kind service.

Beas (vegetarian dhaba), Týnská 19 (courtyard)

meals: CZK 16 per 100g;
Budget self-service vegetarian restaurant. It offeres Indian dishes - daily two kinds of subji (vegetable dish), two kinds of dhal (legume preparation), two varieties of rice, a sweet dessert and several fresh vegetable salads.

Indian Jewel, Týn 642/6 (Ungelt)

lunch menu: CZK 110; meals: CZK 200-400; 80 seats
A small, stylish Indian restaurant.

More luxurious restaurants

U Zlatého Lva, Ovocný trh 17

meals: CZK 220-400; 90 seats
A stylish restaurant with good service located in Gothic cellars. It offers various kinds of food, Pilsner beer, and Moravian wines.

Staroměstská restaurace, Staroměstské náměstí 19

lunch menu: CZK 130-180; meals: CZK 130-300
A traditional Czech restaurant situated in the Old Town Square.

Pivnice Štupartská 1869, Štupartská 9

lunch menu: CZK 90; meals: CZK 250-400; 200 seats
A traditional tavern serving Czech meals and Gambrinus beer.

Sushi bar Made in Japan, Rytířská 10

lunch menu: CZK 185; meals: CZK 400-600
A sushi restaurant.

Obecní dům, Plzeňská restaurace, Náměstí Republiky 5

lunch menu: CZK 180-250; meals: CZK 250-400; 330 seats
A pilsner-style restaurant with traditional Czech food (large servings) and excellent, draught Pilsner beer.

Obecní dům, Francouzská restaurace, Náměstí Republiky 5

lunch menu: CZK 500; meals: CZK 500-700
Beware, you can meet Barack Obama, Prince Charles, Pope Benedict XVI. or Dalai Lama there. Executive Chef Jacques Auffrays and Libor Krušínský as Chef du pâtisserie.

Fast food and cafés

Grand Cafe Orient, Ovocný trh 19

A beautiful coffeehouse located on the first floor of a famous cubist house and serving café, cakes, baguettes, and sandwiches.

Express Sandwich & Salad, Náměstí Republiky 1

Baguettes and small refreshments.

McDonald’s, Václavské náměstí 9

i'm lovin' it ...

KFC, Celetná 557/10 or Kaprova 14

Today tastes so GOOD ...