Site plans

Conference site

Carolinum – the historical buildings of Charles University – is located in the very center of the Old Town, just a few steps from Old Town Square (‘Staroměstské náměstí’ in Czech). It is a rather complex set of buildings – see the map below. You can enter via the main entrance (Ovocný trh street 3) or from Celetná street 20 through a gate with a plaque reading `Buquoyský dům'. We will put up a conference poster at both entrances. Access to the conference building with lecture halls is indicated in the map.

Conference building

Lecture halls, computer room, put-your-feet-up room, exhibition room, etc. are located in one of the Carolinum buildings. It is a four-story building with cellars. The main lecture halls are located on the third floor, the poster session will be held at the Green hall on the second floor. The upper floor is intended for relaxation of participants: here, you will find the computer room, a small A. Einstein exhibition, and a room for discussions. The first floor and cellars will be used for coffee breaks. The registration and help desk will be located in the room next to the staircase between the first and second floors.